Self-Motivation Provides Inspiration to Achieve Life Goals


by Saima
Self-Motivation to achieve life goals

Are you feeling depressed and don’t’ know how to get rid of negative thoughts? Are you not able to decide your life goals due to a lack of self-confidence and doubts?

If yes, then you need intense self-motivation that provides inspiration to achieve life goals.

“Self- Motivation is an internal power that drives you to keep moving on getting your aims and personal development in life”.

The Psychology of Self-Motivation        

Almost, all of us suffer from continuous failures and disappointments while heading towards our life aims. This may result in developing a depressive attitude.

However, those who overcome this dilemma with a strong belief, courage, and confidence, definitely find a way to get the ultimate achievement.

 “You should set goals beyond your reach so you always have something to live for.”

How you take any task in life, ‘like a burden or opportunity is the key point which determines the success or failure to achieve your goals.

According to Scott Geller self-motivation in a person is determined by three questions:

  • Will you achieve it?
  • Will it work for you?
  • How achieving this will worth it?

Saying “yes” to each question shows you as self-motivated. Being motivated means you value your goals and ambitions. It requires self-discipline, proper self-monitoring, and focus on your target goal.

Determined people follow their passion, without taking the influence of other people or situations.

They don’t give up no matter how much desperation they face because they totally depend on their hard effort and strength.

Elements that Boost Up Motivation Level

According to Daniel Goleman, the author of several prominent books on Emotional Intelligence, there are 4 fundamental elements that boost up motivation. These include:

  • Taking initiative
  • Personal desire to achieve your aim
  • Commitment
  • Optimism

Factors which Influence Self- Motivation

Both internal (intrinsic) and external (extrinsic) factors are involved in developing and maintaining your motivation level high.

Internal Factors

These are the actions or behaviors to perform any task based on the expected satisfaction after completing it. These factors include career, money, desire, areas of interest, and personal challenges.

External Factors

These are the external forces that trigger you in achieving a specific goal or target such as encouragement, fame, power, money, and promotion.

Tips to Become Self-Motivated

There is a possibility to boost up your skills and success opportunities continuously by self-motivation.

Tips for self motivation

Long-term motivational behavior depends on your inner inspiration as no external factor or power can help you to stay ambitious for a longer time period.

However, you can follow these simple techniques to self motivate you:

  • Identifying your goal of life
  • Invest in getting deep knowledge and understanding
  • Make a to-do list and complete the tasks accordingly
  • Getting feedback on your work
  • Fill your mind with positive thoughts, motivational quotes, and words of encouragement.
  • Believe in yourself and raise the level of your expectations

Can Self- Motivation be learned?

Motivation is a complicated issue that does not work with a depressed soul until he or she is willing to change. It is just like a challenge that improves from the inside.

Your family, friends, colleagues, or any other external factor can contribute little to developing this skill but ultimately, you are solely responsible to boost up your skill level.

‘Motivation is a talent that people can become skilled at anywhere at any time.

Proper mentoring and coaching proves to be influential partners to make you a more ambitious person.

Your chances and percentage of success depend on your learning skill.

The sooner you learn to encourage yourself for focusing on your goal, the more you will be successful.

How do Optimism and Resilience make you Self-Motivated?

Looking on the brighter side or thinking positively is somewhat what we called as ‘Optimism’.

Optimistic people always find a solution to a problem by controlling their negative attitudes and beliefs.

Resilient people think rationally to examine and overcome illogical reactions. They usually ask for help if needed and also help others generously in need.

How does Pessimism de-motivate you?

While starting a career or any goal of life, we mostly find the pessimistic thoughts roaming around us like:

  • Lack of enough skills
  • Not having enough money to reach the destination
  • Lack of enough time to polish the expertise
  • No public relations to establish links

These intrinsic negative thoughts pull you down by slowing and hindering the progress bar. Here is the time of self-motivation and continuous struggle.

“Work hard. Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you”.

Can Self-Motivation Reduce Stress Level?

Nowadays, almost 8/10 people suffer from anxiety or depression due to some personal issues. However, it can become a real problem not only to kill your capabilities but also lead to severe health problems.

Believe yourself

Some tips to be self-motivated even in a more stressful environment are given below:

  • Taking deep breaths is a proven phenomenon to reduce stress as a ‘reset button’.
  • Write down the circumstances or worries that make you stressed and de-motivated.
  • Take some break from your daily routine that can result in making you more productive and hence, stress-free.
  • Connect with activities or persons you like to spend time with.
  • Going for a light exercise or walk is incredibly beneficial to release the hormone ‘Endorphins’in your body that stimulates happiness.

You should understand your stress type so that you may know which areas of your life need alignment.

Is Self-Motivation Needed to Fight Diseases?

Self-Motivation Helps you to fight chronic or life-threatening diseases like diabetes, chronic kidney disease, cancer, bone problems (osteoporosis, arthritis).  It helps to improve your stamina and immunity.


Self- Motivation is a skill that is essential to achieve your target life goals. Many challenges, competition, and workloads are making your life stressful and depressed day by day. That’s why you need motivation for not only your survival but also to enhance self-determination and self-esteem. Hence, you can say that self-motivation is just like a confidence builder, enthusiasm booster, and energy provider to work.


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