Ballerina Tea: Health Benefits, Side Effects and Precautions

Pros and Cons of Ballerina Herbal Tea

by Saima
Ballerina Tea

Ballerina tea or 3 Ballerina tea is an infusion of powerful herbs and spices rather than an extraction of tea leaves. Recently, this herbal tea has gained popularity largely due to its potential role in weight loss. Regularly taking Ballerina tea can also help detoxify your body and strengthen your immune system, thus helping in improving overall body health and fitness.

Keep reading to know more about the benefits and possible side effects of Ballerina tea.

What is Ballerina Tea?

It is a laxative tea working on two principles:

  1. Stimulating digestion by favoring contractions that aid the movement of intestinal content
  2. Developing an osmotic effect that ensures the release of electrolytes in the colon, causing the stools to become softer.

Ingredients of Ballerina Tea

1-   Malva verticillata or Chinese mallow

The seed and leaves of this herb are edible. It is mostly grown in China and some parts of Africa, North America, and Europe.

The seeds of Chinese mallow are the constituents of many diuretic medicines involved in urine production and cause a reduction in water retention in the body.

It is also considered much effective in relieving constipation and treating kidney stones. Lactating women also use Chinese mallow to increase the flow of breast milk.

2-   Cassia angustifolia or senna

Cassia angustifolia is a shrub that grows mostly in China and India, while some of its variants are common in California.

Its fruit and leaves are actively used in the formation of commercial laxatives, thus helping get rid of constipation or clearing the bowel before going through some medical diagnosis such as colonoscopy.

Other ingredients that can be present in Ballerina tea may be lemon and cinnamon to enhance its flavors. Some types of Ballerina tea also contain Korean Ginseng roots.

Health benefits of 3 Ballerina tea

Aids in Weight Loss

Ballerina tea is an effective product to promote weight loss. The ingredients used in its production are good laxatives making your body get rid of excessive fluid. This tea causes a significant reduction in body weight but is not involved in burning body fat.

If you’re on your weight loss journey, it’s better to add this herbal tea to your diet plan. Depending on your general health and fitness status, you can take 2-3 cups of ballerina herbal tea. However, we always recommend to consult your doctor before taking any herbal medicine.

If you’re thinking how Long Does Ballerina Tea Take to Work? Remember, herbal ballerina tea is not a quick-fix remedy. Although it may speed up weight reduction and metabolism, it won’t suddenly dissolve all of your fat in a matter of hours. However, if combined with good nutrition and regular exercise, it shows the much better results.

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Acts as a Laxative

Cassia angustifolia gives this natural product its laxative power, thus help you fight constipation and stimulate colon muscles to contract and relax for defecation. However, you must consult a doctor for a proper prescription, if suffering from chronic constipation.

The study reveals that using senna-containing laxatives can improve the defecation frequency by 35.7% and reduce the risks of associated problems such as abdominal bloating and muscle cramps.

Ballerina Tea Reduces Appetite

Drinking 2-3 cups of Ballerina tea can help satiate you, thus helping reduce your appetite. The lesser the cravings, the better the digestion will lead to maintaining a healthy weight.

Ballerina Detox Tea for Bloating

Consuming Ballerina detox herbal tea can help your body to get rid of excessive waste and water;thus, enabling your body to prevent bloating. The phenomenon of bloating can be more worse for women in PCOS or  during periods. Therefore, taking ballerina herbs in lukewarm water can significantly help in minimizing period cramps, stomach discomfort, and bloating.

Ballerina Drink is Rich in Antioxidants

According to a study, Chinese mallow and senna have an excess amount of antioxidants (flavonoids) present in them. Antioxidants can reduce cellular damage linked with oxidative stress in the body.

Research indicates that flavonoids (the most abundant antioxidant present in plants) have remarkable effects on reducing the chances of cardiac arrest. Consumption of 3 Ballerina tea can reduce the chances of heart problems by boosting the antioxidant activity in the body.

Ballerina tea to Improve Digestion

Ballerina green tea is an amazing drink for those finding ways to control flatulence, improper functioning of the digestive system, and bloating. This detox tea effectively improves and soothes gut health by removing toxins from the body.

A Healthy Alternative to Caffeinated Drinks

In all of its forms, caffeine is very addictive, and it’s hard to control the consumption once you add it to your daily routine. People take tea and coffee quite frequently to cope with the hectic routine and stay energized. Ballerina tea is free of caffeine; thus, it helps you overcome your addiction.

Research highlights caffeine toxicity in comparatively less tolerant people that might cause insomnia, discomfort, and disturbed heartbeats. To avoid such mishaps, Ballerina tea can be your best substitute.

3 Ballerina Tea for Controlling Blood Sugar Level

Ballerina tea helps lower blood sugar levels as it contains senna which has anti-hyperglycemic capabilities. Data from research work indicates that Chinese mallow is involved in activating AMP-activated protein kinase associated with keeping the sugar level under control. This herb in Ballerina tea is also involved in the secretion of insulin.

Possible Side Effects of Ballerina Tea

  • Being diuretic, it may cause frequent urination causing severe dehydration or diarrhea. So, doctors suggest taking this drink from small quantities after consulting with your health care advisor.
  • Ballerina herbal tea may cause malfunctioning of kidneys and liver, leading to liver and kidney toxicity. So, patients suffering from CKD or liver diseases should never try any herbal remedy without consulting their doctor as it may worsen their health issues.
  • Ballerina tea might also cause stomach aches and nausea.
  • It lowers your body weight by water loss which is not long-lasting; discontinuing the use of this product can lead you to gain weight all over again.
  • Prolonged use of this tea results in electrolyte imbalance (sodium, potassium) due to frequent defecation.

How to Prepare 3 Ballerina Herbal Tea?

The preparation method of Ballerina diet herbal tea may vary for everyone depending on general health. However, nutritionists suggest you start using one packet of Ballerina herbs in 2-3 cups of water. When your body starts consuming it efficiently without any complications, you can take it by adding one packet to one cup of water. Similarly, taking this tea may also vary from 1-3 times a day, depending on your health.

Concluding Remarks

Ballerina herbal tea is caffeine-free and high in antioxidants, which may help relieve constipation and control blood sugar levels. It’s not a suitable weight-reduction alternative, either, because its laxative effects cause weight loss in the form of water and bowels rather than fat. To avoid any possible harmful side effects, visit your healthcare practitioner first.

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